About The Metaverse

Published Thursday, Nov 3, 2022

Recently, a lot of people criticised Mark Zuckerberg for his massive investment in the Metaverse. The true is, in his shoes, I'd be making the same bet.

Do I believe in the Metaverse? No. Do I think humanity needs it? Absolutely not. And do I think that the Metaverse will be a commercial success? Again, no.

But I do think it's one of the only viable strategies for Facebook moving forward.

Loosing Control

With their privacy bluff, both Google and Apple were able to do something quite impressive. They put themselves between the users and the advertisers in all the channels we use to consume the Internet.

You browse via your phone? With their new cookie policy, Google and Apple will make sure nobody can track you (except them of course). You gave your email address to a brand you love? They are slowly educating us to give proxy email addresses so that they can control (and I bet, eventually monetise) what makes it to our inbox. You installed an app on your phone? Same thing, they are currently educating us to limit the amount of push notification we receive (again, to eventually monetise what makes it to our phone). The reality is that it will become almost impossible for brands to talk directly to their consumers.

Owning the Browser

Funny enough, the took a page from Facebook's strategy book. Do you remember, a few years ago, all the brands building their community on the social network? And, quickly after, Facebook decided to monetise those community.

So, Facebook is in big trouble. In terms of advertising, they were just basically kicked out of the Internet. Google and Apple will be able, soon, to capture most of the value that Facebook was once able to generate. With that in mind, I think that the only solution from them is to create a new "Internet". One on which they will have full control. And, more importantly, one that people can not access via a mobile phone, but via another device that will be control by Facebook. Introducing: The Metaverse.